We publish three newsletters a year – February, April and September.  These contain news from the Record Office and the Friends; details of forthcoming events at the Record Office and events put on by the Friends.  They also contain an article about an interesting document, chosen by the Record Office, and a column highlighting research undertaken by our members.

We welcome articles, of any length, from our members.  If you have a story to share please contact the editor, Email:

Members of the Friends receive their newsletter, by email or post, on publication.  Past newsletters are now available to view.

FWCRO newsletter 107, January 2023.pdf

107:January 2023

FWCRO Newsletter 108, May 2023.pdf

108:May 2023

FWCRO Newsletter 109, October 2023.pdf

109:September 2023

FWCRO newsletter 104, Jan 2022.pdf

104:January 2022

FWCRO Newsletter 105, May 2022.pdf

105:May 2022

FWCRO Newsletter 106, September 2022.pdf

106:September 2022

FWCRO newsletter 101, January 2021.pdf

101:January 2021

FWCRO newsletter 102 May 2021.pdf

102:May 2021

FWCRO Newsletter 103, September 2021.pdf

103:September 2021

FWCRO newsletter 98 January 2020.pdf

98:January 2020

FWCRO newsletter 99 April 2020.pdf

99:April 2020

FWCRO newsletter 100 September 2020.pdf

100:September 2020

FWCRO Newsletter 95 January 2019.pdf

95:January 2019

FWCRO Newsletter 96 May 2019.pdf

96:May 2019

FWCRO Newsletter 97 September 2019.pdf

97:September 2019